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Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7:30 at The Brownstone at Sunrise Abington. All registered Democratic Party members from Abington and Rockledge are invited to attend.

The Brownstone at Sunrise
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All donations help support Democratic candidates. Thank you for your contribution!

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ARDC with State Rep. Josh Shapiro and Governor Ed Rendell at the July 4th Parade in Glenside, 2006
ELECTION 2018: Ben Sanchez landslide winner in 153rd District
Democrat Ben Sanchez will take over the state representative seat vacated by Congressional candidate Madeleine Dean.

Democrat Ben Sanchez scored an overwhelming victory in the 153rd legislative district.

With 42 of 44 voting precincts reporting, Sanchez had 22,417 votes, Republican Douglas Beaver 9,002 and Libertarian Marc Bozzacco 334, according to unofficial results. The three were vying for the Montgomery County state representative seat vacated by Congressional candidate Madeleine Dean, who won her bid for a seat in the U.S. House on Tuesday.

ELECTION 2018: Democrat Madeleine Dean wins Pa.’s new-look Fourth Congressional District
Democrat Madeleine Dean beat Republican Dan David to become the next congresswoman for Pennsylvania's newly redrawn Fourth District.

Dean will be one of at least three women to represent Pennsylvania in Congress and one of a few suburban Democrats expected to flip seats previously served by Republicans.

"Tonight we've changed the face of Congress," Dean said to loud cheers from supporters at the Operating Engineers headquarters in Fort Washington. "Tonight we're sending women to Washington!"

ELECTION 2018: How Did Abington Vote In The 2018 Midterm Elections?
Abington has long been a solidly blue section of a largely blue county, and Tuesday's 2018 Midterm Elections were no different. Democrats swept all major races both statewide and in the county, a microcosm of a larger national movement which saw the the left taking control of the U.S. House and state candidates making history in districts that have been red for decades.

ELECTION 2017: Dems Win 6 Commissioner Seats
Democrats won six of the seven commissioner races across the township in Tuesday's election, as well as sweeping the school board.

ELECTION 2017: Democrats sweep Abington School Board race

The Democratic winning streak across the nation and county continued in Abington and Rockledge, with voters overwhelmingly selecting the Democratic slate of candidates in the race for Abington School Board, according to unofficial results posted on the Montgomery County website Tuesday evening.

In the race for four four-year seats, incumbent Raymond McGarry received the most votes with 8,611, or 16.47 percent of the total vote. He was followed by fellow Democrats newcomer Brian A. Allen and incumbents Adam M. Share and Barry J. Stupine with 8,495, 8,438 and 8,421 votes, respectively.

ELECTION 2017: A Quick Recap and What's Next

In November, we all first came together for the "Day 1" meeting.

In December, we "Socialized and Organized" and heard from many of our elected officials, both federal, state and local on what we can do to help them represent us!

In January, we joined with the world.

... and in February, we gathered to take the first local steps on the road back, by signing petitions to put candidates on the ballot for the 2017 elections.

Yes, it can be overwhelming. With all the lies and incompetence piling up, while also trying to keep track of important issues such as education, environment, and social injustice to just name a few. Don't you just want to turn off?

First, know that you are not alone. If you've attended an ARDC event (as shown above) over the last few months, you already know this. If you have not had the chance,our n ext meeting is March 21st, details to follow. The sense of community and common purpose at these events has been unmistakably. 

Second, ARDC is partnering with local and regional grassroots groups to organize and mobilize. Our voices are louder together, pure and simple. While logistics are ongoing, one thing is clear, each local group has a place and a voice with the ARDC. The silver lining is that amazing leaders, the vast majority of which are women, have stepped forward. The ARDC has shared events and will continue to share the events of these groups, such as Fair Districts, Nevertheless She Persisted, Women Rising, United Abington Indivisible (just to name a few) and our own Call To Action Committee so that our voices on essential national issues are heard, together. 

Finally, as indicated in the photo below, the journey to 2018 and 2020 starts now. The elections in 2017 are critical to laying the groundwork for delivering the messages for 2018. The conversations with actual neighbors about local community issues establish the relationships and opens the lines of communication for the national issues of 2018. That's it, it's that simple, and it starts now. The time commitment is based on you, the work is based on your interest, just like getting started starts with you. Simply send an email to!

If not you, then who?
If not now, then when?   
Can you be an essential part of this movement?

As President Obama said: yes, you can. And he should know, that's what the man did.

What's Next?

Are you interested in working at the polls on election day as an "inside worker?" The people who check your name and staff inside where you vote are what make elections possible. In facct, they are crucial. Can you take two days a year to help our democracy? :)

If so, please contact us!

(Oh, wait. It's a Democratic Party elected official, of course...)

Please join Congressman Brendan Boyle and his staff for a series of community town hall meetings over the next several months. Congressman Boyle will be providing an update on current events in Washington and across the 13th congressional district, and his staff will be present to answer questions regarding various services the office provides.

The events are free, open to the public and will feature light refreshments. For more information, go here.

More news and events coming soon...

... and thank you for all that you've done, are doing, and going to do!

ELECTION 2015: 1 Vote puts Democratic candidate Rothman in Abington commissioner seat
Abington Township Board of Commissioners now has a membership of 10 Democrats and 5 Republicans. (more...)
ELECTION 2015: Democrats sweep Abington School Board race
The Democrats will retain control of Abington’s Board of School Directors.

According to unofficial results, Democratic incumbents Tracy Panella (12,289), Susan Arnhold (12,353) and Daniel Kaye (12,308) each received 19 percent of the vote and Michele Tinsman (8,731) received 14 percent of the vote.

In what became a hotly contested race between the six candidates, Andrea Lawful-Trainer (11,602), who recently announced her resignation, walked away with 18 percent of the vote, while Republican Joe Rooney (6,052) ended up with 10 percent of the vote. (more...)
Abington Dems ready to take control
Democrat Jimmy DiPlacido wins Abington race in a drawing
Thousands of dollars in campaign contributions, 10 months of campaigning, hundreds of phone calls, fliers, and handshakes. But on Friday it came down to 29 slips of paper in a kitschy blue jar. The Montgomery County Election Board held a "drawing of lots" to decide the winner of a tied municipal race.

The two candidates for Abington Ward 4 (Elkins Park) commissioner each pulled a number.

The Democrat drew a 30. (read more here...)
DiPlacido wins Abington commissioner election for Ward 4 by lot pull, results to be challenged
NORRISTOWN — Democratic candidate for Abington commissioner in Ward 4, Jimmy DiPlacido, won the previously tied election against Pamela Vasserman in a lot pull tie breaker Friday.

In the lot draw, candidates pull one tile, numbered one through 30, out of bucket. After the first candidate picks, his or her number is recorded and placed back into the bucket so the second candidate has a fair chance of pulling the same number. Whichever candidate pulls out the highest number is named the winner of the election.

“Should there be a tie, we will repeat this process until there is no tie,” Montgomery County Commissioner Leslie Richards said.

DiPlacido picked first and drew the number 30. Vasserman pulled the number three.

“This is incredible, but first and foremost, I just want to thank my opponent for the race that she ran,” DiPlacido said.

“In an election that was slated to probably bring in less than 20 percent of the voters, our race actually brought in over 50 percent of the voters in our neighborhood,” he said.

(read full article here...)
At Least Four Newcomers Win Seats on Abington Board
Though two of the races ended in a tie, the Democrats will control the Abington Board of Commissioners.

Of the nine races yesterday for seats on the Abington Board of Commissioners, two incumbents were ousted … and two races ended in a tie, according to unofficial results from the county.

Ousted were Republican Robert Wachter of Ward 2 and Republican Matthew Willis of Ward 7.

Democrat Michael Markman defeated Wachter by about 60 votes, according to the county’s unofficial results late Tuesday night. And newcomer Ben Sanchez defeated relatively-new commissioner Willis by about 450 votes for a two-year term in Ward 7.

Incumbent Republican commissioner Stephen Kalinoski defeated challenger Steve Torres for the seat in Ward 6 by 40 votes; current board president Peggy Myers, beat Democratic challenger D. Gregory Holt handily for Ward 8; incumbent Thomas Farren defeated Democrat Joseph Smith in Ward 12; and incumbent Democrat Lori Schreiber beat challenger Jack Howarth in Ward 14.

Newcomer Democrat Tom Hecker defeated challenger Jamie Maerz by about 100 votes to take the seat in Ward 10.

The races for Ward 3 and Ward 4, both ended in a tie.

Incumbent Lawrence Jones, a Republican, and former commissioner Michael O’Connor, both garnered 510 votes in Ward 3. 

Newcomers Pamela Vasserman, a Republican, and Democrat Jimmy DiPlacido both brought in 577 votes in Ward 4, according to the unofficial results.

(Full Article Here)
Abington Democrats gain control of commissioner board
Abington Republicans Might Have a Short Night
Madeleine Dean with Josh Shapiro
Update 10 p.m.:
  • Dean wins with 21,100 votes to Mattiacci's 11,400. Adshead calls the lopsided victory 'a little unexpected.'
Update 9:45 p.m.:
  • Nick Mattiacci concedes; thanks Jon Fox, Abington Commissioners, "tips his hat" to Madeleine Dean.  See it here.

Update 9:38 p.m.:

  • State Rep. Madeleine Dean is leading challenger Nick Mattiacci by a vote of 17,354 to 9,198
  • President Barack Obama is leading Mitt Romney in Abington by a vote of 17,501 to 10,094

[ original here ]

Dean sworn into first term in House of Representatives
State Rep. Madeleine Dean, D-Montgomery, today took the oath of office for her first term as a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives serving the 153rd Legislative District. 

Dean was sworn into office after winning a special election for the seat vacated by former state Rep. Josh Shapiro. She and 5 other members won special elections to join the House in the 195th Legislative session.

"I want to thank my constituents for giving me this opportunity to serve them in this historical chamber," Dean said. "Although I begin my public service halfway through the legislative session, there is a lot of unfinished business that needs to be addressed in Pennsylvania. My priorities will remain in education, the environment, jobs and health care. After spending months on the campaign trail, I know these are the issues that people are waiting for Harrisburg to take action on and I can't wait to get started."

Dean's constituent service office is located at 1175 Old York Road in Abington and is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The telephone number is 215-517-6800. She can be contacted via e-mail at She also has a website at

Residents are also invited to sign up for periodic e-mail updates from Dean on state issues and services by visiting the website and clicking on the "E-Mail Alerts" link on the left side of the page.

Prior to being elected, Dean served as Abington Township Commissioner in Ward 7. She also taught persuasive writing, rhetoric, business writing, legal writing, and ethics as an assistant professor of English at La Salle University, and was a frequent contributor to the Philadelphia Daily News.

Dean began her law career as an associate in Philadelphia. She went on to serve as in-house counsel to Cunnane Bicycle Company, Inc., and later opened a small three-woman general law practice in Glenside.

Dean earned her undergraduate degree at La Salle University, Philadelphia, and her law degree at Widener University School of Law, in Wilmington, Delaware. She is currently attending the University of Pennsylvania, Fels School of Government.

(original here)
Turnout in strongholds crucial to Montco Dems
Josh Shapiro and Leslie Richards
A targeted get-out-the-vote effort in Democratic strongholds appears to be one of the primary factors in the historic victory Tuesday by Montgomery County Democrats in winning control of the three-member board of commissioners.

The Republican commissioner candidates, incumbent Bruce L. Castor Jr. and Lower Merion Commissioner Jenny Brown, on Tuesday were the two top vote-getters in 43 of the county’s 62 municipalities. State Rep. Josh Shapiro and Whitemarsh Supervisor Leslie Richards, the two Democrats, came out on top in 15 municipalities while the vote was split among the four candidates in four other municipalities.

However, it was the margin of victory in those 15 municipalities that boosted the two Democrats over their Republican counterparts, giving control of county government to the Democrats for the first time in 140 years.

For example, the two Democrats won by about 5,000-vote margins in the heavily Democratic municipalities of Abington, Cheltenham and even Brown’s home municipality of Lower Merion.

“We knew we had to have a large voter turnout in those communities,” said Richards, a 44-year-old senior project manager for a civil engineering firm. “Josh is from Abington and people know us in those areas.”

Rather than discuss a targeted turnout effort, Richards said their victory can be attributed to the thousands of volunteers who worked in their behalf, whether it was joining them in knocking on more than 100,000 doors, making “tens of thousands” of phone calls, sending thousands of emails and even just getting family and friends to support them.

While Republicans may have won more municipalities, their victory margins were often less than the registration ratios because of this massive volunteer effort, according to Richards.

Richards also noted that she and Shapiro, who has served in the state House for seven years, “reached out” to as many voters as they could by knocking on doors, attending small gatherings in living rooms, visiting with commuters at train station and shoppers at supermarkets and attending community events.

“Both Josh and I have a record of reaching across party lines and addressing issues and I think that resonated with many of the voters with whom we had contact,” said Richards.

County Democratic Chairman Marcel L. Groen said he believed that the public was fed up with the ongoing bickering among the three commissioners in the current administration.

“People can see (Shapiro and Richards) get along well together,” said Groen.

While many had expected Shapiro to win, the real surprise was that Richards finished a strong second, almost 9,350 votes ahead of Castor, who served as the county’s district attorney for eight years prior to winning his first four-year term as commissioner in 2007. Many had thought it would come down to a battle between Richards and Brown for the third seat.

Democratic campaign aide Frank X. Custer Jr. said that the campaign, in its electronic advertising and campaign mailers, repeatedly emphasized that voters had two votes to cast in the election and that they should use those votes for the like-minded Democratic pair.

In a press conference called by Castor and Brown Wednesday to discuss the election results, Castor said that the GOP lost its stranglehold on county government because the Democrats were better financed initially and because Democrats now hold a 36,063 edge in voter registration.

Castor said people stopped contributing to the Republican Party and its candidates during the last four years because they felt betrayed by Republican Commissioner Chairman James R. Matthews’ unprecedented power sharing pact with Democratic Commissioner Joseph M. Hoeffel III. This left Castor, Matthews’ former running mate and the top vote-getter among the commissioner candidates in the 2007 election, as the odd man out in the current administration.

(read the original full article here or download PDF stub from Chronicle/News)
50 Year Democratic Reunion & Member Appreciation Picnic
Our picnic was a huge success with good food, great weather, outstanding music and lots and lots of excellent people. Thanks to you all for coming out!
More pictures from the event can be found in the gallery, or on our Facebook page!
Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz
April 25, 2010—"Why We Stand - The Democratic Character" was the theme for this year's annual Spring Banquet, held at the Old York Road Country Club in Ambler. The Spring Banquet is traditionally the ARDC's most successful fundraiser and social event, and this year was no exception. We were honored to feature Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz as Keynote Speaker. Also in attendance were other prominent state and local officials including State Senator LeAnna Washington, State Representative Josh Shapiro, State Representative Brendan Boyle, Montgomery County Commissioner and gubernatorial candidate Joe Hoeffel, Jury Commissioner Greg Holt, and an unexpected appearance from Congressman Joe Sestak.

In addition, two members of our community were also honored this year: ARDC Committeeperson and Abington extrovert John "Spiegs" Spiegelman was named Democrat of the Year and Loretta Fox Outstanding Community Leader.

This year once again featured our new environmentally-friendly "paperless" ad program projected during the banquet and available for download soon. (The 2009 Program is available here.) Proceeds from the event help support Democratic candidates in our area.
Democrat of the Year, John SpiegelmanOutstanding Community Leader, Loretta Fox
2010 Spring Banquet Honorees

Many thanks to Robin Beall, who organized the event, and the rest of the Banquet Committee, who worked diligently to ensure that the 2010 banquet was an outstanding, enjoyable event!

[ Pictures from the event coming soon! ]

ARDC hosts Sestak
Congressman Joe Sestak
Senatorial hopeful U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak, D-7, was present at the Abington Rockledge Democratic Committee meeting Monday night to talk about his primary campaign against incumbent Arlen Specter.

“I never expected to run for Senate. But while I greatly respect Arlen Specter and his service to the state, I highly disagree with him,” Sestak said.

The meeting, which one committee member said had more than double its usual attendance, began with Sestak talking about why he wants to be the next junior senator for Pennsylvania.

“I decided to run because I absolutely believe that the House of Representatives and the Senate have forgotten for a period of time that the support has to be given for the working class in this country,” Sestak said.

He spoke out about repealing the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy that keeps gay and lesbian troops from serving openly in the military. Sestak, a retired 3-star Admiral in the Navy, said he knew from personal experience that the policy should be changed.

“On an aircraft carrier with 5,000 young men and women, with an average age of 19 and a half, I can tell you, they don’t care. The people they are serving with, their sexuality isn’t an issue,” he said.

(read the full article here or download PDF version)
Democrats win school board contest
After Tuesday night’s election, the Abington School Board will consist entirely of Democrats, as the three incumbents and Democrat Adam Share won the at-large election.

Democrats Barry Stupine, Jeffrey Bates and board President Raymond McGarry will rejoin the board for another term. Jo Blumenthal, the lone Republican on the current board, did not run in the general election. With no incumbent running in the fourth open slot, Democrat Adam Share will join the board.

“I’m very happy to have been elected, and I look forward to contributing to the school system and continuing the good work that the school board has been doing,” Share said.

After a tough campaign from Republican opponents Bradley Werden, Stephen Kalinoski and Joseph Denelsbeck, the incumbents and Share each received about 15 percent of the vote, according to unofficial results from the Montgomery County Web site, as opposed to about 12 percent each for their opponents.

Running under a campaign promoting school board reform, none of the Republican candidates could be reached for comment Tuesday night.

“People seem to be happy with the schools and with the job we are doing as incumbents,” McGarry said. “I’m very proud of the work the school board does and look forward to another four years of service.”
ARDC and Allyson Schwartz celebrate Women In Politics
A gathering and fundraiser to introduce, mentor, & support
Abington Commissioner Lori Schreiber and Commissioner Candidates Joan Goldstein, Lois Koff, and June Parkinson was held September 13th at Curds & Whey, 817 Old York Road, Jenkintown and featured the culinary stylings of Davida Burger.

  • Dr. Jill Biden (Willow Grove’s own!)
  • State Senator LeAnna Washington
  • Ruth Damsker
  • Happy Fernandez
Nine candidates running for four school board seats
Abington School Board has four open seats this election season, with nine candidates running on both the Democratic and Republican tickets in the May 19 primaries.

Incumbents Jeffrey Bates, Jo Blumenthal, Raymond McGarry and Barry Stupine are running for re-election. Newcomers Joseph Denelsbeck, Stephen Kalinoski, Kerry Litvin, Maryanne Rickenbach and Adam Share are running in the primaries as well.

(full article)
Residents from two townships join in cleanup
The Abington Cheltenham Cleanup Day was organized by Glenside resident June Parkinson in honor of Earth Day to take care of the area around the Keswick Avenue train underpass that borders the two townships.

“I looked at the Earth Day Web sites for Abington and noticed that there was nothing in my area and I looked at the Environmental Advisory Council Web site, and there was nothing around here, nothing in Glenside. So I started thinking about that bridge” said Parkinson, who is currently running as a Democrat for Abington Ward 12 commissioner.

(full article | photo gallery)
Thanks to all for making our 2009 Spring Banquet and Silent Auction a tremendous success!
Congressman Patrick Murphy
April 19, 2009—"Honoring the Past, Empowering the Future" was the central theme for this year's annual Spring Banquet, held at the Old York Road Country Club in Ambler. The Spring Banquet is traditionally the ARDC's most successful fundraiser and social event, and this year was no exception. We were honored to feature Congressman Patrick Murphy, who arrived early to sign copies of his book Taking the Hill - From Philly to Baghdad to the United States Congress, as Keynote Speaker. Also in attendance were other prominent state and local officials including Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz, State Senator LeAnna Washington, State Representative Josh Shapiro, State Representative Brendan Boyle, Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Hoeffel, Montgomery County Democratic Committee Chairman Marcel Groen, Jury Commissioner Greg Holt, along with many 2009 judicial candidates from across the state and all of ARDC's endorsed candidates, as well as ARDC community leaders and dignitaries from years past.

In addition, two members of our community were also honored this year: ARDC Committeeperson Committee Chair Kathleen Joyce was named Democrat of the Year and Al Herrmann Outstanding Community Leader.

This year also featured our new environmentally-friendly "paperless" ad program projected during the banquet and available for download here. Proceeds from the event help support Democratic candidates in our area.
Democrat of the Year, Kathleen JoyceOutstanding Community Leader, Al Herrmann
2009 Spring Banquet Honorees

Many thanks to Robin Beall, who organized the event, and the rest of the Banquet Committee, who worked diligently to ensure that the 2009 banquet was an outstanding, enjoyable event!

[ See pictures in the gallery ]

Eminent Domain Power the Answer for New Library Location

As a long term homeowner in Roslyn, I want to thank the Board of Commissioners for its approval Thursday night of the much anticipated expansion of the Roslyn Library, which requires a new location.  It is anticipated that the new facility will also have an art center and some outdoor community space.  At the hearing, this project was supported by members of the library, the local arts community, Abington’s Economic Advisory Board, as well as my neighbors.

It was clear at the hearing that the Roslyn library is overused, crowded (over 20,000 people used it just this year!) and only has two parking spots. In fact, so many people use the current Roslyn branch that people can’t even find a designated parking space. Although the effect on Roslyn will surely be to its economic benefit, the clear purpose of building the expanded library is to make our library system more accessible to more people, especially children and seniors who may be unable to get to the main branch of the library.

It is the need for revitalization that has allowed Roslyn to get the grant money to proceed with the library’s expansion.  After an exhaustive search by our Township Manager and Assistant Manager, this building, vacant for nineteen years, was selected to be the one with optimum size, good parking easy traffic flow, and location on the main street of the area.

Although the Township has recently tried to purchase this property from the owner for fair market value, it has met with a brick wall. All attempts to enter into good faith negotiations have failed.

Our Township Manager testified at the hearing to his good faith efforts to make a deal.  Using our township’s eminent domain power will protect the property owner, who will get the entire fair market value of the property and the community will get its much needed library. The project demonstrates a traditional use of our U.S. Constitution’s power of eminent domain, which is the power of government to take private property, if and only if it is needed for public use, while reimbursing the owner in full for the value of the property.

I also want to congratulate the bipartisan approach which enabled this project to move forward.  It is a testament to our Township Commissioners that they were able to keep our library’s best interests at heart.

Barbara Halpern
Abington Resident
Barack Obama at Abington High School
Michael Nutter

Democratic presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) campaigns during a rally at Abington High School, October 3, 2008.

From Obama's remarks:
"We know these are difficult times. We know how bad Pennsylvania has been hurting. But here's what I also know - I know we can steer ourselves out of this crisis. Because that's who we are. Because that's what Americans do. This is a nation that's faced tougher times than these - we've faced war and depression; great challenges and great threats. And at each and every moment, we've risen to meet these challenges because we've never forgotten that fundamental truth - that here, in this country, our destiny is not written for us; it's written by us."

Michael Nutter
REUTERS/Jason Reed


Refocused—and on the attack, Obama, McCain seek status as economic savior
Voters at the Obama rally were anxious after a week of bad economic news. Patty Deitch of Glenside, Pa., who runs a group of local community health centers, said she's worried about her investments and whether she can retire in 10 years as she has planned. She believes McCain and Palin would cut taxes—just not for her.

"I believe Obama understands something they don't," she said. "Helping the middle class is what will save this country." (full article here)
Message on sign prompts protest
Abington residents protested a vague message on an electronic sign in the 800 block of Old York Road Aug. 17.

The relatively new sign at Noble Square, in front of the former Houlihan's restaurant, features an electronic and color display that says the word "UNION" in the middle of a red circle with a line through it, as one of its several messages. The messages cycle every couple of seconds - the following message is the same, but adds the phrase, "HOLD THE LINE," under the red circle. The message was up as of Tuesday. Goodman Properties, a real estate and development management firm out of Jenkintown, owns the property.

John Spiegelman, one of the protesters, said he doesn't know how long the message has been displayed, but noticed it last week.

"I don't really know the background behind the sign," Spiegelman said, "but others took offense to it. It's a rather odd thing to have up on a glorified electric clock and a lot of people around here are pro-union." (full article here)
A group of Abington Township residents gathered outside of Noble Square along Old York Road to protest an offensive anti-union message being displayed on the shopping center’s electronic sign. Noble Square is owned by developer Bruce Goodman’s Goodman Properties, which placed the anti-union message in the sign’s display rotation; the sign normally advertises the names of Noble Square’s tenant businesses, such as Barnes & Noble.
A half hour north of Philadelphia, it boasts good schools, bustling shopping districts and a variety of diverse small communities. Leisure and culture can be found at the famous Keswick Theatre or Briar Bush Nature Center, and there is a plethora of after-school programs for kids.

The town may not quite have everything, but with both low crime and low property taxes, you won't hear many complaints. (details here)

Michael Nutter
Mayor Michael Nutter
[ See pictures from the event in the gallery ]

The "Rising Power" Spring banquet at the Old York Road Country Club in Ambler is our most successful fund raiser and social event, and this year we were excited to feature Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter as keynote speaker.

In addition, two members of our community were also honored this year: ARDC Vice-Chair Michael Barbiero, Esq., was named Democrat of the Year and Valerie Ward of Willow Grove Outstanding Community Leader.

Prominent state and local elected officials attended the event as well, which raised over $10,000 to help support Democratic candidates in our area.
Democrat of the Year, Michael Barbiero, Esq.Outstanding Community Leader, Valerie Ward
2008 Spring Banquet Honorees

Many thanks to Barbara Halpern, who organized the event, and the rest of the Banquet Committee, who worked diligently to ensure that the 2008 banquet was an outstanding, enjoyable event!

Several close races for commissioner in Abington's odd-numbered wards yielded only one real upset Tuesday.

According to unofficial totals from the Montgomery County Web site, with 100 percent of the vote counted, Abington has gained a Democratic commissioner with Ernie Peacock defeating incumbent Doretta Agostine, 708-534, in Ward 7. (read more)

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